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iOS 18 will feature emojis created by artificial intelligence and customization of the appearance of apps and the home screen

In his new Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talks about some of the innovations that Apple is preparing for the upcoming iOS 18 operating system.

According to Gurman, the new features of iOS 18 will include emojis created by artificial intelligence. Apple will demonstrate this new feature at the WWDC event next month. If the existing emoji library is not enough for someone, Gurman writes that «is developing software that can create custom emojis on the fly based on what users write to».

It is also reported that Apple intends to introduce additional options for customizing applications and the home screen on the iPhone. This includes the ability to change the color of application icons and arrange elements more freely, rather than being blocked by a predefined grid layout. This will allow users to be more creative in customizing the appearance of the home screen. Of course, this is still a rumor, so you should treat it with caution.

Ahead of the annual developer conference that starts on June 10, there was a lot of talk about Apple’s plans for artificial intelligence. But instead of debuting something too big and flashy, Gurman suggests that Apple will stick to practical applications of the technology. Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI and that could give AI a boost to things like Safari search, Siri, photo retouching, and transcription of voice reminders. The company may also introduce an intelligent summary for notifications, web pages, etc.


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