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Uhuu starts selling 360° tickets in 2019

Platform for sale of tickets for concerts will also allow the simultaneous acquisition of food, drink and parking for events. With more than 1 million tickets sold and around 3 thousand shows sold in just over a year, the online ticket sales platform Uhuu already has news in its 2019 screenplay.

Also in the first quarter, the company created through the union of Opus Promociones and 4all Technology will open the possibility for consumers to buy, from the site and the application, from the ticket to food, drink and parking. In addition to the convenience of making all acquisitions at the same time, the so-called 360 ° sale will allow the consumer to better plan and control spending before arriving at the show.

Uhuu is a pioneer in Brazil in the 360 ​​° sales model. "There are several international solutions that work the services on time, but only Uhuu intends to lead an integrated experience, where the consumer has access to all solutions on the same platform", explains Rafael Lemos, CEO of the company. In addition to consumer benefits, 360 ° sales also bring benefits to suppliers, explains Lemos, by boosting sales and increasing inventory predictability.

Also with more use of technology the idea is to bring consumers and entrepreneurs closer to the digital economy, for customer planning and knowledge. For this, the company adopts consumer behavior analysis systems with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

"We add value to those who work in the entertainment business, from consumers to sponsors, who have more and better information to relate to the public. We use technology to connect events, brands and people. ", Concludes Rafael.

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